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Music Consultants working with Hospitality, Wellness and Retail clients.

Genre Music is a boutique music consultancy and since 2007 we have produced creative music concepts for award winning brands across the UK.

Our mission is to create a brand-enhancing soundtrack to your business through background music programming, live music and DJ performances.

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Office Hours – Tuesday to Thursday 10am – 5pm, Friday 10am – 7pm, Saturday 1pm – 7pm, Sunday and Monday – Closed.


Background Music Programming

background1We understand the subtle influence that background music plays in hospitality environments.   We believe that each brand should have its own signature sound and therefore our handcrafted collections are lovingly compiled with exceptional attention to detail. We work across all musical genres and have created music collections that vary from the “ultimate rock and pop juke box” to the “latest and deepest upfront house”.


musicians1  Live music can help create the perfect atmosphere for dining and drinking and enhance the customer experience. We work with our clients to ensure that the musical offering is consistent and cost effective.

We meet and brief all the musicians that play for us and even send them email reminders of their upcoming gigs. We advise our clients on musical style, technical requirements, set times and costs. We ensure that all gigs are fulfilled by excellent musicians whether this is once a week or live music every day.

DJs From chilled yet creative background sets to dance-floor anthems we have DJs that can create the perfect atmosphere for restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

We work with our clients to ensure that the DJ music policy is appropriate for their venues and also advise on technical requirements, set times and costs. We interview and brief all of the DJs we work with and even send them an email reminder of their upcoming gigs.

Entertainment For Events
Our musical flair and roster of talented performers allows us to commission unique line-ups that deliver unforgettable show stopping performances. We work with an array of musicians and DJs in multiple line-ups and playing across all of the musical genres.

From background music to dance floor fillers we have worked on festivals, product launches, venue openings, networking events, weddings and family parties.

recruitment1We work with around 400 talented musicians and DJs who we book in to a combined 15,000 gigs a year.

We hold Musician recruitment days and DJ interviews each month at various locations across the country.

If you are a musician or DJ then please visit our recruitment page and complete the online application form.

audiovis We work with all types of clients, from local pubs to national restaurant chains. If you would like to discuss how music can work for your venue or brand then please get in touch. We can talk about live music, DJs, background music, sound systems and how you can ensure your music is right for you.

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Steven Walter


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Nathan Burroughs

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Jannine Symonds

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