The Alchemist


The Concept

A contemporary, stylish, city centre restaurant and bar; a place for good food, gorgeous cocktails and great service.


Manchester, London, Leeds, Liverpool (2016), Newcastle (2016)

The Brief

1. Install a discreet high-end audio system.
2. Compile and maintain a modern and vibrant background music collection.
3. Recruit, book and manage a nationwide team of DJs.


The Process

We work with three partner audio companies in order to support the nationwide roll out of the Alchemist brand.

We have compiled an “Install Brief” that details the style of the install and the quality of audio we expect. The install must take in to account interior design considerations and the operational demands placed on the system. We specify the music management system but ask the audio companies to recommend their preferred speakers and amplification. Their expertise means that we install the most appropriate product for each location to achieve the required quality of sound.

The background music collection is a contemporary mix of a chill-out, nu-soul, trip-hop, deep house and soulful house. This creates a relaxed daytime atmosphere with a more vibrant feel in the evenings.

To ensure a consistent DJ sound we have created a “DJ Recipe” that allows the DJs to understand the music style and then add their own creativity. Prior to a new opening we interview 15-20 DJs in order to select the most suitable team of 6 residents that will play throughout the year.