The Concept

A stylish but laid back slice of modern Australian life, down-under in Manchester.

The Brief

1. Install a discreet, high end sound system. 2. Compile a background music collection to create a contemporary, beachside atmosphere. 3. Recruit, book and manage a team of DJs to play several nights a week.

The Process

Working closely with Australasia’s designers and Blacka Acoustics we designed an audio system that blends with the décor, and provides warm, even audio coverage throughout the restaurant, private booths and bar. We commissioned the creation of two bespoke speakers models that were named the TB1 and TB2 after Tim Bacon, the CEO of Living Ventures. To give the managers simple control of the volume levels throughout the building, we created separate audio zones for the restaurant, booths and bar. Rather than being wall mounted the volume controls are presented on a note pad computer allowing the managers to stand in the area that they are adjusting. Two years prior to the opening of Australasia we spotted an exciting piece of DJ equipment being developed in Canada. By good fortune it was ready for install in time for the opening. We were delighted to install one of the first Emulators in the world, a functional centrepiece of the venue that has created a lasting impact in Manchester. The Emulator is a 46” touchscreen DJ controller that uses Traktor software. 1 We created a stunning background music collection that met the brief of “A sun-kissed cocktail of soul jazz grooves, Pacific Rim reggae and soulful beach sounds.” A simple schedule of daytime, evening and late night allows us to build the atmosphere during the day. We wrote a DJ brief and recorded an accompanying DJ mix that demonstrated the music policy and keeps the music ‘on brand’ throughout the week. DJs play several nights a week, spinning an uplifting mix of beach house, broken beat, Latin, reggae, nu-soul, disco and edits. austra